The Unshrinkit Story



One of us accidentally left a beloved wool sweater in the dryer. Yes, yes – said person is aware the sweater should not have been in the dryer! But that’s the beauty of living a busy, productive, fun-filled life… occasionally you mix the nice wool in with the socks.
We tried to save it, but we discovered that home remedies just didn’t work well! And that’s when the real work began…


With the support of our professors and classmates, we dove into the science behind *why* wool sweaters shrink. We talked with everyone – wool manufacturers, chemical experts and fabric retailers. After months of trial and error, our team created a product specifically designed to help people gently unshrink their favorite wool clothes.
Unshrinkit seemed like magic to our first users, but over time we’ve built up a base of avid fans who equate Unshrinkit to a knitter’s “spare tire” and “a miracle” for #sweaterweather lovers everywhere.

Unshrinkit_jump photo


When we sat next to each other on the first day of class at Harvard Business School, we had no idea we would graduate two years later and take on the mission of bringing Unshrinkit to every laundry room in America. But we’ve discovered that this is how entrepreneurship unfolds: someone has a great idea that solves a real problem, and then they work at it diligently every single day. And the wonderful thing? Everyone who hears our story wants a bottle of Unshrinkit – just in case.
Pictured: co-founders Nate Barbera and Desiree Stolar